Evaluate the Performance of All Types of Employees

NYS Teacher Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR)

This module facilitates the entire New York State teacher Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) process and electronically produces final APPR scores and compliant documentation which is then stored in employees’ electronic personnel folders.

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Standardized Performance Reviews for Non-Instructional Staff

Schools employ more than just teachers and principals. In New York State teachers in public schools are evaluated annually using a standardized NYS APPR but non-instructional personnel can also benefit from regular performance reviews.

✔️ Evaluating Non-Instructional Employees with SchoolFront

  • Clearly communicate and plan to address deficiencies.

  • Ensure that all employees are evaluated in a consistent manner with consistent criteria.

  • Objectively differentiate between employees with very similar skill sets, experience, and employment histories.

  • Let top performers know they are recognized and valued by the school / district.

  • Establish employee goals tied to school / district strategic vision and goals.

  • Promote a culture of open communication and two-way feedback exchange.