Paperless "Print-To-SchoolFront"

The "Print-To-SchoolFront" feature allows you to port digital content directly from a source into an employee's personnel folder without the need for printing to paper and scanning.

Digital content includes things like emails, webpages, PDF files, Microsoft Office files, screen captures, etc.

Without SchoolFront, you may have to print items like these out, then scan them to PDF, and then upload them for digital storage. Minimally you likely are required to download digital items like PDF files and then upload them.

With SchoolFront, you can send these items directly to a specific personnel folder in SchoolFront with a specific file name.

  • Stay organized by sending relevant digital files directly to a digital personnel folder.

  • Save time with easy digital storage.

  • Save money on paper & ink by staying completely digital.

  • Completely eliminate the need for paper--No printing or scanning is necessary.