Centralized System Management

Focus on People, Processes & Data

Since activities required to manage the hosted/cloud SchoolFront environment are handled by FrontEdge Inc. (e.g. monitoring, data backup, troubleshooting, etc.), system administration in SchoolFront refers to the centralized management of software functionality and workflows for an entire school, district, or other group.

Migrating your data and processes to SchoolFront software provides many benefits to your school or district IT Department.

Users and User Permissions

For security reasons we at FrontEdge Inc. will not grant any users other than Administrators access to SchoolFront. Administrators are then responsible for adding and managing the access of all users in the system including school staff, students, parents/guardians, etc.

User access to parts of the system and system reports may be changed by adding or removing user roles to individual users and user accounts may be disabled if necessary.

Feature Configuration & Workflow Definition

SchoolFront was designed with flexibility in mind. We know that schools differ and therefore work differently so the system and the features within are configurable, and in some cases may be turned on or off.

Administrators define how the system is configured for the entire school or district.

School & District-Level Reporting

Reports like Report Cards, Transcripts, and State Reports require access to personal and academic data from all students and faculty and sometimes require access to longitudinal data (including multi-year) so the ability to run reports at this level is restricted to Administrators.

Distributed Processes

Some processes, like the management of human resources, discipline, teacher performance evaluations, or student attendance in a school district are distributed and require the coordination of activities across multiple school staff members. SchoolFront allows for the centralized administration of such processes.

Administrators overseeing Attendance, for example, can see see who has and has not submitted attendance, can trigger notifications in the event that attendance has not been submitted in a timely manner, can override the attendance statuses submitted if they have more information about a student absence, and do much more to ensure that this distributed process runs smoothly and that the inputs of each staff member are aggregated and acted upon appropriately.