SchoolFront & RecruitFront Support

The team at FrontEdge Inc. knows that satisfied customers are key to our success. To ensure customer satisfaction and facilitate communication, FrontEdge Inc. provides tools that customers can use to access their account information and stay informed of the current state of their projects.

For the fastest response time, we recommend you use our Support Centers (links below) to find help and request support from the SchoolFront Support Team.


School Administrator Link:
SchoolFront Platform Support Center

RecruitFront Job Applicants Link:
RecruitFront Applicant Support Center

Call Us Local: (585) 568-7813
Call Us Toll-Free: (877) 841-0228

Sales & Other Inquiries: Click Here

Important Note:

If you are an employee, parent/guardian, student, or other person affiliated with a specific school or district that currently uses our software and services (including SchoolFront and RecruitFront), please contact your school/district to gain access to all school/district systems and software. This includes issues with forgotten usernames and passwords.

FrontEdge Inc. is not authorized to grant anyone access to our customers' systems or to any of the information therein. If you contact FrontEdge Inc. requesting access to the system, requesting help accessing the system, or requesting information from the system we will direct you to the school/district office.