Timekeeping Policy & Procedure Management

Easily and accurately track employee hours making payroll easier, without paper.

  • Passive time logging using employee badges.

  • Real-time capture and adjusted time calculation using rules by employee group (e.g. bargaining unit) for all types of time.

  • Manual time entry, adjustment, and correction online, without paper for non-clocked transactions or corrections.

  • Automatically send unplanned absence and presence alerts to employees and managers.

  • Auditing, reporting, and data export and import.

  • Integration with attendance functions and the rest of the SchoolFront modules for notification and reporting purposes.

Track Detailed Employee Attendance Information

The SchoolFront Human Resources Attendance module combines data from payroll and time-keeping systems to formally document the annual attendance of staff members. This information is used to determine employee eligibility for medical insurance per the Affordable Care Act (ACA), to confirm total available vacation and personal days in subsequent years, and to compensate eligible employees with the attendance-related stipends that are stipulated in certain employment contracts.

See Electronic Salary Adjustment for more stipend-related information.

  • Reduce errors in attendance data reporting.

  • Reduce the need for duplicate data entry in multiple information systems.

  • Attendance data is available for usage in other HR processes (e.g. salary adjustment, benefits eligibility)

  • Easily export attendance data and generate reports.