Our Technology

The FrontEdge Inc. Development Team created and maintains SchoolFront using industry standard technologies and best practices primarily leveraging Microsoft© technologies.

The solution is a .NET application with a Microsoft© SQL Server back-end. The solution was designed employing a three-tier model. The software and infrastructure on which the software resides make it so that SchoolFront can scale to meet the needs of even the largest school districts.

Cross Platform Compatibility & Accessibility

FrontEdge Inc.'s usage of primarily Microsoft© technologies for software/web development and hosted infrastructure maintenance is not limiting. FrontEdge Inc. delivers web-based solutions accessible to all customers and their patrons regardless of platform.

Customers using Windows OS, Apple OS X, iOS, Android, and popular web-browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera can all access and benefit from FrontEdge Inc. solutions. 

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A Highly Reliable Cloud Solution

FrontEdge Inc. houses the SchoolFront solution in a highly secure and optimized environment and provides end-to-end system management so that users may simply and securely login from any Internet-connected computer anywhere at any time.

Secure & Private

FrontEdge Inc. employs industry security best practices in the maintenance of the SchoolFront system. Many schools and districts do not have the IT and physical security resources required to monitor and deploy a secure School Management System the way FrontEdge Inc. does.

Complete System Support

The SchoolFront Support Portal provides all of the information users need to use the system and provides a means for users who need additional help to log support requests with the SchoolFront Support Team, diminishing strain on in-house school and district IT personnel.