FrontEdge Inc. in Rochester, NY

SchoolFront is a product of FrontEdge Inc., a software development firm specializing in web software and services located in the United States in Rochester, New York (NY).

As proprietors of a small business, the individuals at FrontEdge Inc. are sensitive to the challenge of operating competitively in a high-tech world on a conservative budget. The team is proud to offer powerful online tools to school communities via a "hosted" or "cloud" access model, which enables users to securely login to the system and work without the cost and burden of infrastructure maintenance and support.

The SchoolFront system was created by the talented Software Development Team at FrontEdge Inc. with direct input from teachers, parents, students, administrators, and other school-related personnel, ensuring a user-friendly and highly functional user experience in a software system built with industry standard technology and best practices.

Getting to FrontEdge

Our Vision

The SchoolFront Team believes that strategically integrated technology empowers school communities to better operate and perform across all stakeholder groups (e.g. teachers, parents/guardians, students, administration, counselors, and mentors).

The SchoolFront role is to support school community empowerment by providing cost-effective online tools that allow for the real-time management, maintenance, and exchange of secure school and student information between users on a software system that is accessible from any Internet-connected computer.

SchoolFront System Overview

Our Goal & Commitment to You

The SchoolFront goal is to simplify and standardize the tasks required to maintain consistent information in a school or district, centralize the storage of data, and improve the flow of information and communication between all members of the school community.

Our commitment to you is that we will continuously update and enhance our services and software using customer feedback and industry research/bench-marking to ensure that SchoolFront keeps pace with the evolving needs of school communities.

Pragmatism, innovation, and creativity in problem solving are central to our culture.

SchoolFront Customer Support

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