Paperless is Best...When Done Well.

There are countless benefits associated with a paper-free office. These benefits go far beyond simply having less paper to search through and store. That said, simply scanning your paper files into digital files will not usually result in a highly optimized workplace. It is important that paper-to-digital file conversion (i.e. scanning, parsing, and storage design) be done thoughtfully with consideration given to how digital files will be accessed and used in the future.

"Digital landfills" resulting from careless paper-to-digital file conversion can be just as frustrating for office staff to maneuver as locked filing cabinets full of paper records. Paper-free creates numerous benefits to an office that promote efficiency, organization and optimization.

  • Eliminate the need for paper storage by converting paper K-12 human resources files to digital.

  • Eliminate the need for duplicate K-12 human resource data entry into multiple systems.

  • Reduce the time it takes employees to perform key K-12 human resources processes.

  • Standardize K-12 human resources processes.

  • Easily delegate responsibility for whole K-12 human resources workflows or key parts of processes to specific personnel.

  • Comply with State and Federal K-12 human resources requirements and policy.

  • Safeguard private K-12 human resources information with high security data storage and backup.

  • Give employees easy, private access to their own K-12 human resources information online.