Benefits Enrollment & Change Management

Every year all employees participate in open enrollment, making changes and cancellations to their medical benefits, dental, vision, FSA, etc. as is applicable. The SchoolFront Open Enrollment / Benefits Management module allows employees to make these changes online using digital forms and signatures. Forms are pre-populated with information pulled from employee information systems and key information from past completions to reduce the amount of time it takes employees to complete elections.

Human Resources staff can quickly email employees with incomplete forms. Employees can see latest forms without engaging HR or the Business Office. HR staff can digitally track plan migration and reconcile monthly vendor invoices against actual enrollment.

The process culminates in an export of election data which can be sent to benefits management vendors and/or insurance providers for enrollment purposes.

  • Reduce time by retaining employee selections and data from previous year enrollment.

  • Pre-fill forms with information from digital employee records.

  • Easily keep track of who has and who has not completed annual benefits elections.

  • Easily send notifications and reminders.

  • Employees see only benefits and options available to them.

  • Employees can clearly view and compare options side-by-side.

  • Export data and generate reports with employees' election decisions.