K-12 School District Management Software

Modular Features

SchoolFront is a modular array of software features designed to optimize school district administrative operations under a single integrated platform, built from the ground up with extensive input from school district administrative professionals.

Our customers typically purchase SchoolFront feature modules as-needed and strategically deploy SchoolFront functionality over time with the support of our experienced Solution Architects.

Consistent Interface

The SchoolFront design team has been diligent with keeping system layouts consistent throughout the application, leveraging similar menus, icons, and other controls repeatedly throughout the system. This means that once you learn to use one part of SchoolFront, the rest of the system is intuitive and easy to learn. The team is always working to improve SchoolFront and enhance system functionality, but all new features are implemented with simplicity, usability and consistency in mind. More Info —>

Solution Deployment & Support

Whether a school/district needs rapid system and process roll-out or wishes to slowly introduce change, the deployment specialists at FrontEdge will assist in creating and executing a smooth and successful transition plan. More Info —>


All modules in SchoolFront are truly integrated with single sign on (SSO), data cross-pollination, and centralized management of security policy, user access, and user roles and permissions. More Info —>