SchoolFront User Interfaces (UI)

The SchoolFront design team has been diligent with keeping system layouts consistent throughout the application, leveraging similar menus, icons, and other controls repeatedly throughout the system. This means that once you learn to use one part of SchoolFront, the rest of the system is generally intuitive. The team is always working to improve SchoolFront and enhance system functionality, but all new features are implemented with simplicity, usability and consistency in mind.

Administrative User Interface

Powerful Data Grids

Data records in SchoolFront are in highly searchable, sortable, and filterable. Data grids can be exported into Microsoft Excel™ and/or save the display as a personal "view."

SchoolFront data grids remove the need for many commonly requested school reports.

Sort and Filter Content

Data in grid columns can be sorted into ascending and descending order simply by clicking on the column header. Filters can be applied to one or more columns in a data grid to reduce data to only that you wish to see. Column filters in a given data grid depend on the type of data in each column. The filter options for data types are detailed below. Data types include:

  • Boolean

  • Date/Time

  • Numeric

  • Text

Save & Repeatedly Use Personalized "Views"

The term "view" refers to one or more filters and/or sorts that have been applied to refine the records displayed in a grid using criteria specified by the user. It can take time to apply the necessary filters and sorts required to get to a certain view, so if you have views that you use frequently, you can save them rather than having to reapply your filters and sorts over and over again. Saved views can often be used in place of reports.

Public-Facing Interfaces

Special attention is paid in the development of student, family, and public-facing portions of the SchoolFront system to ensure maximum accessibility by all constituents of the district. Examples of student, family, and public-facing functionality are: RecruitFront Applicant Interface, Student Information Portal, Parent/Guardian & Family Portal, and Websites.

“Special attention” means:

  • ADA compliant and accessible

  • “Responsive”—i.e. it works on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones no matter the screen size or operating system