You Can't Go Paperless if You're Still Making Paper.

Hiring a company like FrontEdge Inc. (makers of SchoolFront) to convert your paper files to digital is an important part of "going paperless," but if your key organizational processes (like employee on-boarding, benefits enrollment, etc.) still run on paper, you're never going to completely reap the benefits of a paper-free, digital office. SchoolFront Digital Forms allow you to transform most paper processes into fully-digital, paper-free processes.

SchoolFront Digital Forms are much more than just web-forms used to collect information. Each form can be assigned a workflow with multiple levels of approval, emailed notifications(s), and digital signature(s). Digital Form processes conclude with properly-filed digital documents and complete records of the transactions and participants that were involved in creating the documents. 

  • Convert paper-intensive processes to fully-digital processes.

  • Stop generating paper documentation that must be scanned to digital.

  • Incorporate multiple levels of review and approval in digital form processes.

  • Collect digital signatures on digital documents.

  • Capture a detailed record of all people, transactions, and outputs of processes.

  • Automatically send notifications, updates, and reminders about your digital processes.

  • Generate highly-searchable, easy-to-export digital documents.

  • Resulting documents are filed & stored using customized filing, naming, and security rules.