Error Free Calculation & Timely Communication

NYS Wage Theft Prevention Act

The New York State Wage Theft Prevention Act (WTPA) suggests that all private-sector New York State employers give written notice of salary/wage rates to new hires and all employees by February 1st of each year. While public school districts are exempt from this requirement, many still provide a notice of salary to employees to eliminate ambiguity around salary.

Automatic Calculation of Salary

The contracts of teachers and other school personnel often prescribe a set of terms for calculating (usually annual) raises in salary and describe specific circumstances under which salaries must be adjusted. These terms can result from collective bargaining or be applied to individual employees. SchoolFront allows you to track these terms in salary calculation rules and then apply the calculations to groups of employees in order to determine appropriate changes in salary.

Electronic/Digital Notice of Salary

SchoolFront allows you to mail-merge digital notices of wage/salary for all employees and mass-email them their notices of salary. SchoolFront then provides a completely paperless procedure for the employee to review the notices. The process concludes with the digitally-signed notice of wage/salary stored in the employees' electronic personnel folders for future reference by both the employer and the employee.

  • Reduce human error and mistakes.

  • Reduce the need for duplicate data entry.

  • Combine data pulled from multiple information systems.

  • Maintain records of calculations used and notifications sent.

  • Easily review and audit system calculations.

  • Eliminate the need to generate, distribute, and collect paper.

  • Proactive communication about salary reduces confusion and ambiguity.

  • Save time and money by optimizing routine HR processes and eliminating costs.