Seemless Integration Between Modules

SchoolFront is a modular array of software features designed to optimize school district administrative operations under a single integrated platform, built from the ground up with extensive input from school district administrative professionals.

Our customers typically purchase SchoolFront feature modules as-needed and strategically deploy SchoolFront functionality over time with the support of our experienced Solution Architects.

Integrated Data

Sick of entering the same information into multiple information systems? In addition to constituting a major time sink, duplicate data entry can result in both trivial and grievous data errors. Studies show that fixing data entry errors costs several times more than the cost to input the data in the first place. Unreliable data with even a nominal degree of error ensures that every bit of your information must be carefully scrutinized.

In SchoolFront, the information that you enter into one part of the system, is accessible and/or used in other parts of the system (where appropriate and permitted). For example, employee attendance information can be used to calculate attendance-related stipends in the SchoolFront Salary Adjustment module.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

School personnel are often burdened with remembering many username and password combinations to access various school district information systems. SSO means that user-access to all systems is centrally controlled (i.e. IT personnel can add and remove user permissions and/or system access without accessing multiple systems) and that users have one set of authentication credentials, a username and password, that gives them access to all parts of the system to which they have been granted access. All SchoolFront functionality is accessible with SSO.

It may be possible to extend SSO to additional school district systems using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), which provides your school district users with authenticated access to your SchoolFront modules (and all associated administrative controls) using Microsoft Windows Active Directory (AD). If your district has already deployed ADFS, SchoolFront can be deployed using ADFS to control user access.

Centralized Management & Oversight

SchoolFront presents the opportunity for school districts to streamline IT security efforts and gain a clearer picture of what’s going on with their data. In SchoolFront access to all parts of the system can be controlled for all users at once, for a single user, or for groups of users.

Login capability, system permissions, data visibility, and roles can be granted and revoked easily. User activity is logged in great detail, for example:

  1. Who accessed the system data?

  2. What did they do with the data?

  3. What was the date and time that the data was accessed?

  4. Was the data downloaded?

  5. Where was the person who accessed the data located?

  6. What data was accessed?

When a new employee is hired, it is a simple task to give them access to the specific parts of SchoolFront that are required to do their job. When an employee is promoted or changes jobs within the district it is easy to change their system roles and grant permissions to support the new job. When an employee separates from the school district, it is just as simple to revoke complete system access.