NYS Teacher Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR)

This module facilitates the entire New York State teacher Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) process and electronically produces final APPR scores and compliant documentation which is then stored in employees’ electronic personnel folders. The module aggregates information from the State, student information systems (SIS), professional development systems, etc. so that no one has to combine this data manually. Teacher goals and objectives are set, observation and evidence rubrics are completed, assessment data is imported, and final appraisals are certified completely digitally.

HR staff easily track the progress of APPRs for all teachers in the district to ensure timely completion and compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations and reporting requirements. The process culminates in a SchoolFront-generated report formatted to be uploaded to the New York State Education Department (NYSED) repository.

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  • Provide timely performance feedback while meeting NYS requirements.

  • Tie teacher evaluation to student performance as required.

  • Demonstrate compliance and eligibility for aid.

  • Use data pulled from integrated information systems to populate APPR.

  • Reduce duplicate data entry and cross-system errors by sharing data between systems.

  • Easily export APPR data and generate reports.

  • Clearly communicate and plan to address deficiencies.

  • Ensure that all teachers are evaluated in a consistent manner with consistent criteria.

  • Let top performers know they are recognized and valued by the school / district.

  • Promote a culture of open communication and two-way feedback exchange.

    Employee Performance Review Overview