Communicate with Students & Families

So Many Ways to Give & Receive Information

SchoolFront alone, a powerful student information system (SIS), provides schools with instantaneous student academic information communication to students and parents, but the combination of SchoolFront SIS and SchoolFront Portal, a powerful web content management system (CMS), provides users with an even greater variety of fantastic and creative options to handle school communication.

  • Online Forms

  • Mail-Merges & Labels

  • Calendar & Events

  • Digital Newsletter & e-Publication Management

  • Messaging

  • Blogs

  • Forums

  • School & District Announcements

  • Social Site Integration

  • Document Libraries

  • Online Coursework

  • Parent Alerts

  • Send Mass Email

School & District Announcements

Scheduled & Ad-hoc Announcements for Targeted Audiences

Every user in the SchoolFront system has a homepage which they see when they first login to the system. School Announcements appear at the top of this page. School staff members can create announcements targeted at specific groups of users in the system, and then all users can view announcements targeted at them.

This functionality is ideal for emergency information, such as school closings and delays, as well as for standard school communication like changes in school policy, notification of construction projects, etc.

Announcements can be posted perpetually or can be scheduled to appear and disappear for targeted users at set times.

Online Forms

Custom Online Forms for Any Purpose

SchoolFront Portal supports the easy generation and publication of online forms for any purpose. Forms can be added to school and teacher webpages. Example uses of this functionality include admissions applications, financial aid applications, employment applications, contact management, surveys, event/activity sign-up, and student council voting.

Mail-Merges & Labels

Customized Mailers and Mailing Labels

SchoolFront supports the generation of mailing labels and mail-merges to create personalized content for parents with salutation, addressing, and custom information.

Calendar & Events


A central school calendar can be maintained by the school or district and individual calendars can be maintained for specific purposes like athletic teams, clubs, and the school board.

Calendar Feed Aggregation

The events of multiple calendars can be aggregated in a single calendar using RSS feeds from the disparate calendars in SchoolFront and even from other online sources (e.g. a Google calendar). This is useful for having one central Athletics calendar that is populated with events from the individual calendars of sports teams (e.g. one calendar for varsity baseball, one for soccer, one for lacrosse, etc.)

Event Registration

SchoolFront Portal supports the management of event registration and online ticket sales. You can define the maximum number of seats available for an event, the maximum number of seats a person can reserve/purchase, schedule the timeframe during which they can make reservations/purchase seats, and collect money using secure credit card transactions for reserved seating.

Reports can be run to show sales and reservations for any event.

Digital Newsletter & e-Publication Management

Create digital versions of school newsletters and other publications in SchoolFront Portal and circulate new editions using email. Parents and other members of the school community can subscribe, unsubscribe, and view archived periodicals online.

With granular security settings you can optionally restrict subscription to only authenticated users.


Person to Person

Eliminate the need to list the email addresses of school staff members on your website by setting up email forms with SPAM blocking capability.

Person to a Group

The same forms that can be setup to email individuals without email addresses can also be used to email groups. E.g. Have a messaging form for your admissions department, athletics department, counseling office, etc.

Webpage Embedded Instant Messenger

Embed an Instant Messaging web-part on your page and have online office hours during which students and parents can instant message you in the evening or at set times during the day to ask for information or help (e.g. when preparing for a final exam).


SchoolFront Portal includes a simple blogging web-part that mimics the capabilities of many of the standard blogging engines popular on the web today. Blogs may be used by teachers as an extension of the classroom, by student clubs to tout activities, by parent/teacher organizations to communicate, etc.

Readers can subscribe to blog feeds using an RSS feed manager, a standard feature in most popular web browsers. Additionally, you can aggregate the feeds from multiple school blogs to a single point of display (e.g. your school's homepage) using the SchoolFront Portal RSS feed manager.


Forums/Message Boards are extremely valuable in an educational setting. Using security settings, forums in SchoolFront Portal can be setup for everyone to use or for specific groups of people.


  • A general school forum where anyone can post questions and anyone can answer.

  • A classroom forum where students are required to post a specific number of times each week concerning the current lesson.

  • A staff-only forum where colleagues can collaborate on curriculum development and issues in the classroom.

  • A parent/teacher forum where parents can post questions and teachers respond.

  • An alumni forum where graduates and retired school staff can post and respond to information or network with current students and staff.

Anonymous posting can be permitted in forums, but most schools enjoy traceability, requiring that users authenticate before posting or responding to posts in forums.

Social Site Integration

In addition to linking your SchoolFront Portal to your school's social media pages and allowing users to "like" and "tweet" about content within the school's website or intranet, SchoolFront Portal allows teachers to leverage social tools like blogging, instant messaging, forums, and image and video galleries privately.


  • An English teacher could create a forum for an AP Literature class which only students in the class could access and require that everyone post one question about the book the class is reading and write 2 responses to other student's questions.

  • A student writing club could have a blog accessible only to authenticated students, teachers, and parents.

  • The staff in the school could have a private forum for staff-only where they can request help with curriculum, student issues, and other professional topics.

  • A teacher can embed an Instant Messaging web-part on his or her page and have online office hours when students and parents can instant message them in the evening to ask for help preparing for a test or on homework.

Using social tools in the safety and security of the SchoolFront Portal allows students to express themselves, leveraging online tools which they will continue to use personally as well as in college and professionally, while school staff oversee the system. Supervision, traceability of content, and restricting audience ensures productive social media engagement and proper usage of the tool. No bullying. No adverse exposure.

Twitter Feed Widget

If your school or teachers have Twitter accounts, SchoolFront Portal features web-parts that will display and refresh a feed from Twitter.

Flickr Slide Shows

If your school, clubs/activities, or teachers have Flickr accounts, SchoolFront Portal features web-parts that display a page-embedded Flickr image slideshow.

RSS Feed Manager

You can aggregate the feeds from multiple in-site school blogs or calendars to a single point of display (e.g. your school's homepage) using the SchoolFront Portal RSS feed manager. Additionally the feeds from any other site outside of SchoolFront Portal can also be pulled into the feed, so if your school has a Google Calendar or WordPress site, a feed from the calendar or blog can be streamed on a page in your SchoolFront Portal.

Document Libraries

House PDF versions (or other popular formats) of school publications online in document libraries in your branded SchoolFront Portal. Organize files into a folder structure that makes intuitive sense to your users who can download files as needed rather than contacting the school office when they need documents.

Granular SchoolFront Portal security makes it so you can apply security to document libraries, permitting only authenticated users to have access, or even permitting only a specific set of users to have access.

Online Coursework

Much of each student's academic information from SchoolFront is immediately available to parents and students. This information is protected like all information in SchoolFront. Each student can see only his or her own information, and each parent is only able to see the information of his or her own children.

Teachers manage all coursework, graded and ungraded in SchoolFront.

Homework and Graded Assignments

When a teacher adds a graded assignment to SchoolFront it automatically populates in the teacher's gradebook and simultaneously becomes visible to parents and students who can see when it was assigned, when it is due, instructions for completion, parameters for grading, and download any files the teacher has attached.

Students Hand-In Assignments by Uploading Files

If a teacher wishes to reduce paper, assignments can be handed in electronically. Students can login to SchoolFront and upload their assignments and teachers can see who has and has not handed in the assignment and easily view each handed in assignment from the gradebook for super easy grading.

Class Notes & Ungraded Materials

When a teacher adds ungraded coursework to SchoolFront, like class notes or handouts, parents and students instantly gain access to the materials but it is left out of the teacher's gradebook.

Parent Alerts

Parents can configure email alerts to automatically notify them if their child receives above or below a certain grade, if the child is marked absent from a class, and if a disciplinary incident is logged for the child.

Send Mass Emails

Create email templates using a combination of a WYSIWYG html template editor and mail-merge capability and send personalized emails to a mailing list of recipients in your student, family, staff, donor databases, etc.