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Schoolfront has been very responsive in meeting our requests.
~ Barbara McKell,
Technologist, Maplebrook School
I have been a SchoolFront user for three years and enjoy it immensely…Overall, the best thing since sliced bread.
~ Wendy Wurz,
Teacher, RCSD
I cannot think of any other tool that has so empowered parents and students.
~ Carol Sherwood,
Teacher, RCSD
I feel confident using the site because I know the data is backed up daily, so if there ever should be a problem, I won't have lost weeks, or even days, worth of data.
~ Pati Primarano,
Teacher, RCSD
This has been an excellent resource for our students and their families; it is way for parents to connect to what their child is doing in school.
~ Susan Towey,
Teacher, RCSD
Love the program. This program saves a ton of time.
~ Rose Gulley,
Teacher, RCSD
We have many international students and it makes it easy for the parents of those students to keep abreast of how their child is doing while at school.
~ Barbara McKell,
Technologist, Maplebrook School
I love this site. It's a real help. I just wish all teachers felt it was worth their time to help my child a little more.
~ Katherine Richards,
Parent, RCSD
SchoolFront provides the basis for T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More), with a way to have an ongoing communication between teacher / parent / student.
~ Wendy Wurz,
Teacher, RCSD
SchoolFront is great because they design it specifically for your school’s needs so that you can get your work done faster and more efficiently!
~ Mike Reed,
IT Manager, The Howe School
SchoolFront staff have been easy to work with -- they are flexible and patient; and while we are a very small, unique boarding school, we are treated very well by the team at schoolfront.
~ Barbara McKell,
Technologist, The Maplebrook School
If I find a bug, or something that could be reworked to improve service, all I had to do was email SchoolFront and they would take care of it, plus ask for more information. With the death of customer service all over the map, this is a true rarity.
~ Pati Primarano,
Teacher, RCSD

Cross-Border Delineation Helps to Ease Privacy Concerns

As a response to privacy concerns voiced by customers, FrontEdge Inc. uses separate hosting instances (clouds)--including backup--for customers in the United States (USA) and in Canada. International customers outside of the United States and Canada can choose which cloud to leverage.

Our Canadian customers access all of SchoolFront's powerful school management, reporting and data analysis, and school website management capabilities safely on Canadian soil.

Cross-border delineation means Canadian customers have a trusted partner to optimize operations and keep communication flowing, while housing and maintaining their data securely in Canada.

Secure School Management Online "in the Canadian Cloud"

The "cloud" is a symbol used to represent the Internet on network diagrams. This type of software access is also referred to as "hosted" because software in the cloud is maintained, or "hosted," by a service provider and is accessed by users who pay to use the software. "Cloud computing" is a term used to describe the use of software on the Internet to do tasks that traditionally would have been done on a personal computer or by accessing a server managed by a school or district.

We Host, Canadian Schools Login and Work Online

The SchoolFront school management system is a hosted or "cloud" solution, which means it is maintained by FrontEdge Inc. and is accessed by Canadian users via the Internet. FrontEdge Inc. hosts an instance of SchoolFront for Canadian customers that is 100% housed in Canada. This delivery model constitutes a compelling alternative to in-house software solutions, which require Canadian schools and districts to maintain not only the software, but the hardware infrastructure on which the software operates.

Benefits to Canadian Schools

As a highly-secure online service provider, FrontEdge Inc. delivers a combination of software as a service (SchoolFront) and traditional IT functions over the Internet (e.g. infrastructure management, security, monitoring, and data storage) to our Canadian customers. Canadian Schools and districts that leverage SchoolFront reap a variety of benefits from the Canada hosted model.

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Flexible Change Management Options

Change can be stressful for everyone in the school community. Sometimes, even when you know change will ultimately be of benefit, you cannot convince yourself or others to act on an opportunity for change.

The SchoolFront Support Team does everything they can to make sure that the fear of change does not get in the way of a school or district making the right decisions when it comes to the information systems they leverage to support school operations.

Because SchoolFront is a hosted solution, a school or district can migrate as quickly or slowly from other systems as they desire.

Staggered Migration

Staggered migration is the usual roll-out choice for very large districts with multiple schools or smaller schools and districts with multiple information systems which they wish to consolidate. The SchoolFront Support Team can provision a Deployment Plan and staggered Rollout Schedule to assist such schools and will work with school IT staff to facilitate change over time.

If a school or district has existing infrastructure from which they need to migrate operations, there is no need for IT staff to erect an additional or duplicate environment for SchoolFront. Users simply switch to hosted SchoolFront when data has been migrated and new user training is complete. Infrastructure from old systems is typically phased-out and can eventually be eliminated or repurposed.

Rapid Deployment

For smaller schools or those with little to no data to migrate from other information systems, SchoolFront can be deployed very quickly. There is no need for schools or school districts to set up hardware and install software. SchoolFront users securely login to the system, which is centrally maintained by the SchoolFront Support Team, via any Internet-connected computer.

New schools and districts can be brought online by the SchoolFront Team and begin using the system in as little as 24 hours.

Because the system is designed with usability in mind, new users are able to learn the system easily.


Infrastructure Cost Savings

Customers avoid the cost of setting up and maintaining an in-house solution because the SchoolFront system configuration affords customers access to powerful software operating in a powerful environment:


To provide the same level of system redundancy afforded clients of SchoolFront, a school or district would need to invest a great deal in infrastructure duplication and potentially increase IT staff to support it.

System Data Backup

FrontEdge Inc. performs a nightly differential backup of all SchoolFrontSM system data and performs a full backup weekly—this backed up data can be restored at the request of users should they accidently delete or otherwise lose information.To provide the same backup capability and storage space provided by FrontEdge Inc., you would need to purchase more hardware/disk space and may have to enact policies for data backups, pruning, and emergency restore.

Secure Data Center and System Monitoring

FrontEdge Inc. houses the SchoolFrontSM hardware in a SAS70 compliant data center where the system is protected via network hardware and 24/7 monitoring, which prevents intrusions. Attempts to compromise the system are identified by the monitoring system and can be immediately investigated and addressed by the Support Team.Many districts do not have the security resources required to monitor and deploy a secure solution and protect student data the way FrontEdge Inc. does.


Reduce IT Staff Strain

Many school IT groups are understaffed and already have difficulty keeping up with desktop support issues and providing the energy required to keep the school technologically up, running, and online. Members of the SchoolFront Team at FrontEdge Inc. handle the burden of system management and maintenance and the SchoolFront Support Portal provides all of the information users need to use the system.

If users need support beyond that which the Support Portal can provide, the portal also provides a means for Users in all roles to log Help Requests with Support Team personnel, leaving the School's IT staff free to focus on other things.

Continuous System Enhancements

The FrontEdge Inc. Development Team works to continuously improve the features and functionality available in SchoolFront. The team does not charge customers for most new features because new features and system enhancements can easily be posted to the hosted site where users login as usual and immediately reap the benefit of the new functionality or system enhancement.

Centralized system updates eliminate the need for end-users to download patches and upgrades.