School & District Scheduling Management

Scheduling Information Management & Presentation

Courses in SchoolFront can be managed with or without association with a time, place, and teacher. Some schools are not interested in SchoolFront scheduling presentation and others like to have schedules for students and school staff available digitally to access online or print on demand.

Master Catalog Management

A centralized course catalog makes it easy for a school to maintain generic course information and map courses to graduation requirements and standards (both school/district level standards as well as government standards). For example, courses can be given a number that coincides with a State-level Regents requirement in New York State.

Graduation Progress Tracking

Some schools use a single set of graduation requirements for all students and others offer multiple types of graduation/diplomas, so that students can strive for differing goals and/or be formally recognized for going beyond the legal standard for graduation. For example, a school may offer a state standard set of graduation requirements, an Honors set of requirements, and a Technical Honors set of requirements.

Graduation Set Management

SchoolFront supports the definition of one or more Graduation Sets and the tracking of student progress against a graduation set.

Course & Course Section Management

Multiple course sections with an associated day, time, teacher, and location can be created and managed in the system and presented in easy to read and print student and teacher schedules.

Student Enrollment Management

Adding and removing students to course sections is simple. Student enrollment can be managed in bulk, using data imports or can be handled student-by-student. Enrollment can be done centrally in a school office or be handled in a distributed manner by teachers or guidance counselors/academic advisors.

Schedule Presentation for Online Viewing & Printing

Student and teacher schedules are available online and are easy to print on demand. In addition to digital availability, at the beginning of the year or other times when schedules change school administrators can easily run the schedule report for a selected group of student or for the whole school and print schedules for distribution in homeroom.

Master Schedule Building Software

SchoolFront Master Schedule Builder is currently in software development.