Speed Up Scanning Existing Files Using QR Codes

SchoolFront provisions an innovative and efficient process for the bulk conversion of existing records to electronic format using QR codes. The procedure is highly-secure and integrates smoothly with existing district processes making access to historic records easy and supporting district retention requirements.

How It Works

To transform a school’s legacy paper personnel files into digital personnel files, SchoolFront uses cover sheets with QR codes to identify and organized scanned paper files.

The cover sheets are generated by the human resources staff based on the manner in which they’ve decided to organize personnel folders.

The coversheets tell SchoolFront which folder the file goes into, what to name the file, and the level of privacy to be applied to the file. Private files can only be viewed by Human Resources staff members. 

Once the cover sheets are created, they are placed between the files in the paper personnel folder. All of the files and coversheets are then scanned. The digital file created by the scan is then uploaded into SchoolFront. 

SchoolFront parses the files into digital folders and names the files using the information on the coversheets. 

The complete digital personnel folders and files are then available online to be viewed by anyone in the district with permission to access them. 

  • Ensure the searchability and usability of all paper documents converted to digital.
  • Design and maintain an intuitive filing structure and naming convention.
  • Avoid creating a "digital landfill" where files are electronic but are difficult to actually use.

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