K-12 Faculty & Staff Information

Highly-Secure K-12 Personnel Records Management

SchoolFront captures standard personal and demographic information for K-12 students, parents, and school staff. Custom fields can be added to the system to track information if a school requires it.

Each user has a “360 Degree Profile” from where you can access all information about the user and run reports pertinent to the user.

Personal Information Management

The following is just some of the information that can be tracked in the staff’s 360 Degree Profile:

  • Personal and Contact Information

  • Demographic Information

  • Current Grade and Cohort

  • Staff / Teacher Schedule

  • User Logins / Access Log

  • Course Information

  • Current Grade Summaries by Course

  • Communication Tracking

  • Attendance Summaries by Course

Human Resources Management

The SchoolFront Employee Management System (EMS) pulls data from other information systems, readies the aggregated data for human resources (HR) usage, facilitates human resources processes in a paperless manner, and then stores completed HR documentation in digital personnel files. More Info —>