Employee Management and Communication

Conduct employee management activities and communicate information efficiently and without paper.

From generating salary adjustments, to managing benefits enrollment, to announcing Board decisions, SchoolFront can be used to transform your distributed, paper-heavy, labor-intensive human resource and business office processes into centralized, optimized digital workflows with secure digital outputs. 

Digital Personnel Files

Eliminate the need for paper and paper storage by converting paper K-12 human resources files to digital. Grant access to specific files. Highly-secure data storage and backup.

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Employee Communication

Send formal and informal communication and documents without paper, with ease. Automatically retain secure detailed records of all communications sent.

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Employee Attendance

Collect attendance data passively using employee badges. Track detailed employee attendance information. Reduce errors in attendance data reporting. Make attendance data available for usage in other HR and business office processes (e.g. salary adjustment, benefits eligibility).

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Digital Forms

You can't go paperless if you're still making paper. Convert complex, multi-level paper-intensive processes to fully-digital processes. Generate highly-searchable, easy-to-export digital documents.

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Benefits Enrollment

Employees participate in open enrollment, making changes and cancellations to their benefits securely without paper. Pre-fill forms with information from digital employee records and prior-enrollment period selections.

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Employee Time-Keeping

Timekeeping policy and procedure management leveraging passive time-logging via employee badge readers. Real-time capture and adjusted time calculation using rules by employee group for all types of time. Easily and accurately track employee hours making payroll easier, without paper or added employee burden.

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The "Print-To-SchoolFront" feature allows you to port digital content directly from a source into an employee's personnel folder without the need for printing to paper and scanning. Including emails, web-pages, PDF files, Microsoft Office files, screen captures, etc.

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Electronic Salary Adjustment

Automatically calculate employee salary changes using contract terms. Mail-merge digital notices of wage/salary for all employees and mass-email them. Features a completely paperless procedure for the employees to review notices. Concludes with the digitally-signed document stored in the employees' electronic personnel folders.

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Scanning & Document Conversion

An innovative and efficient process for the bulk conversion of existing records to electronic format using QR codes. Backed up and highly-secure. Improves accessibility of historic records and supports District retention policies.

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