District Operational Reporting

SchoolFront comes with a variety of standard reports and new reports can be created to process and display virtually any data tracked in the system. This includes government reporting, report cards, transcripts, and any other reports needed by the school at whatever cadence they are needed.

Compliant Government-Required Reports

SchoolFront will be compliant with and support all State Education reporting requirements and will maintain compliance (comprehending annual changes in State reporting requirements) through the duration of our contract with you.

The Development Team may need to see examples of State/Government Reports to support requirements, but development is swift and you'll be able to painlessly produce and deliver State/Government reports on demand.

Data Security

Reports are secured like all other content in SchoolFront. Reports are restricted by user role. If they do not have the role required to use a report, the user will not even be permitted to see that the report exists.

Executing Reports

Report execution is very simple for end users in SchoolFront. Reports can be accessed by any staff member from the Reporting Repository for their role by clicking the “Reports” link in the upper-right corner of the screen in SchoolFront. Links to reports are also “sprinkled” throughout the application user interface at the point of need. For example, an administrator can execute a student transcript directly from the student’s profile in the system without selecting the student from a list of all students.