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Schoolfront has been very responsive in meeting our requests.
~ Barbara McKell,
Technologist, Maplebrook School
I have been a SchoolFront user for three years and enjoy it immensely…Overall, the best thing since sliced bread.
~ Wendy Wurz,
Teacher, RCSD
I cannot think of any other tool that has so empowered parents and students.
~ Carol Sherwood,
Teacher, RCSD
I feel confident using the site because I know the data is backed up daily, so if there ever should be a problem, I won't have lost weeks, or even days, worth of data.
~ Pati Primarano,
Teacher, RCSD
This has been an excellent resource for our students and their families; it is way for parents to connect to what their child is doing in school.
~ Susan Towey,
Teacher, RCSD
Love the program. This program saves a ton of time.
~ Rose Gulley,
Teacher, RCSD
We have many international students and it makes it easy for the parents of those students to keep abreast of how their child is doing while at school.
~ Barbara McKell,
Technologist, Maplebrook School
I love this site. It's a real help. I just wish all teachers felt it was worth their time to help my child a little more.
~ Katherine Richards,
Parent, RCSD
SchoolFront provides the basis for T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More), with a way to have an ongoing communication between teacher / parent / student.
~ Wendy Wurz,
Teacher, RCSD
SchoolFront is great because they design it specifically for your school’s needs so that you can get your work done faster and more efficiently!
~ Mike Reed,
IT Manager, The Howe School
SchoolFront staff have been easy to work with -- they are flexible and patient; and while we are a very small, unique boarding school, we are treated very well by the team at schoolfront.
~ Barbara McKell,
Technologist, The Maplebrook School
If I find a bug, or something that could be reworked to improve service, all I had to do was email SchoolFront and they would take care of it, plus ask for more information. With the death of customer service all over the map, this is a true rarity.
~ Pati Primarano,
Teacher, RCSD

System Integration

If you have an existing information system which you would like integrated with your SchoolFront school management system (SMS) software and/or your SchoolFront Portal content management system (CMS) software we can help.

Custom Report Development

SchoolFront can be integrated with other information systems.

The FrontEdge Inc. Development Team works to continuously improve the features and functionality available in SchoolFront to address the evolving needs of users. If a customer requests a new report that will clearly benefit other customers, the Development Team will typically offer to schedule development of that report into a future release of SchoolFront and then will develop it at no cost to the requesting customer.

Should a customer require a wholly proprietary report, or be unable to wait for development, FrontEdge Inc. also offers two additional options for report development:

Report Builder

Report Builder is a report authoring environment that can be used by customers who want custom reports and who are comfortable developing reports using tools similar to Microsoft Office™.

Custom Report Development Services

FrontEdge Inc. offers custom report development services.

  • Please contact us for more information on pricing.

Customer Advisory Projects

Features Development Projects

Customer feedback is extremely important to us at SchoolFront and is absolutely critical when it comes to our prioritization and development of new features. To ensure that we deliver functionality that is user friendly and that helps customers to meet operational goals we frequently "partner" with individuals from customer organizations when designing and implementing new functionality.

Customer reviews of feature designs and early trials of pre-release functionality result in refined, highly-useable new functionality which we release to everyone at a regular cadence throughout the year.

Data Analysis & Reporting Projects

Schools aggregate a great deal of valuable student, teacher, and operational data using SchoolFront and other information systems. If you want to go beyond standard daily, monthly, and annual reporting and really find meaning in your school's data, the SchoolFront Development Team wants to help.

If you want analyze your school's data to improve operations over time, evolve strategies to meet mandated objectives, create professional development plans, or achieve any other goal, we would love to be part of your solution.