K-12 Classroom Managment

Boosting Teacher Performance

Pressure to perform in school does not fall squarely on the shoulders of students. Teachers are highly concerned with having their students do well. They work hard to find ways to support struggling students and recognize student achievement while juggling the requirements to plan and report on their work, collect large amounts of school operational data, and communicate and collaborate with students, faculty, school administrators, and parents.

SchoolFront software gives teachers secure access to powerful tools that help them to plan and teach, to foster communication and collaboration, to capture critical operational data and student information, and to report on all of the great work they do.

Features for Teachers

  • Daily Planner

  • Grading & Gradebook

  • Student Attendance

  • Classroom Reports

  • Coursework & Homework

  • Link Course Content

  • Instructional Continuity

  • Calendar & Events

  • Team- / Co-Teaching

  • Discipline & Merit

  • Teacher Web Pages

  • Communication

  • Libraries & Galleries

  • User Support Portal

  • Hosted System Benefits

Evolving to Better Meet Teacher Needs

The SchoolFront system was created by the talented Software Development Team at FrontEdge Inc. with direct input from teachers ensuring a user-friendly and highly functional user experience in a software system built with industry standard technology and best practices.

We are committed to making the system as flexible as possible to accommodate as many different teacher needs and usage styles as possible. We love getting feature requests and recommended improvements from our users. If new features or reports requested by users are deemed by the FrontEdge Inc. team to be valuable to the whole of the SchoolFront user-base, the Development Team will develop them for free and update the system so that all users can use them.