K-12 Student Attendance Management

Streamlining the Attendance Management Process in Schools & Districts

Many schools depend heavily on a rigorous attendance management process both to account for students throughout the day and to demonstrate adherence to state and federal attendance requirements.

SchoolFront supports attendance workflows for schools and districts requiring both strict and light attendance administration.

Attendance Management & Oversight

Attendance Process Oversight

If a school requires it, each period in the day an attendance administrator is now able to see if and when each teacher has submitted attendance as well as the attendance submitted. This allows the attendance administrator to investigate if a student is late or missing from class.

Easy Attendance Reminders

In the event that a teacher does not submit attendance in a timely manner, the administrator can easily send a reminder to the teacher.

Pre-Submission of Attendance

In the event that the attendance administrator is pre-notified of a student's lateness or absence, the system supports pre-submission of attendance by the administrator (e.g. if the student is in the infirmary and the administrator is notified before a class begins).

Take In-Classroom Attendance Multiple Ways

SchoolFront allows school administrators to oversee attendance submission for the entire school and all students and for teachers to manage attendance quickly and easily in their classrooms in several different ways depending on the teacher's situation.

  • Daily Planner Attendance
    Teachers can take attendance from their Daily Planner, a teacher dashboard which gives teachers access to all system information and functions that they need to run a classroom for a single period.

  • Mass Enter Attendance
    If a teacher is absent or wishes to take attendance and enter it later, they can add attendance for multiple days in the multi-month view.

  • Seating Chart Attendance
    If the teacher or students are new, the teacher can take attendance using a seating chart with student pictures to guide them.

Real-time Attendance for Administrators & Parents/Guardians

Teachers log attendance for all courses in SchoolFront and can note if a child is late, and by how many minutes. Parents/guardians, students, can login and see up-to-date records of the child's attendance in all courses.

Attendance Alerts & Notifications for Parents/Guardians

SchoolFront allows parents/guardians and mentors to set up email alerts that will notify them when their child or children (1) get above or below a certain grade on graded coursework and/or (2) have more than a specified number of absences logged in the system.

Having this information at the point that it occurs helps parents/guardians and mentors to congratulate their child when they receive a good grade, encourage the good behavior, and to address concerns with poor grades and attendance before they become bigger problems for the child academically.