SchoolFront Standard System Reports

Links to Standard SchoolFront reports are “sprinkled” throughout the application user interface at the point of need. Standard system reports generally include very simple parameter definitions. For example:

  • A teacher can execute a quick and easy report of all students missing assignments in a class for a specific marking period.
  • A disciplinary administrator can run reports about the total demerits students earned over a specified timeframe or the types of infractions committed in a specified timeframe.
  • An administrator can run a transcript, student schedule, or report card right from the student profile.
  • A guidance counselor can run a longitudinal report comparing student assessment performance over several years.

Our Reporting Library is Expanding

The FrontEdge Inc. Development Team works to continuously improve the features and functionality available in SchoolFront to address the evolving needs of users.

If a school or district requests a new report that will clearly benefit other customers, the Development Team will typically offer to schedule development of that report into a future release of SchoolFront and then will develop it at no cost to the requesting school or district.

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