With the release of SchoolFront Portal, FrontEdge Inc.'s content management system (CMS), the SchoolFront system now supports the centralized maintenance of private and public web pages for the school, district, diocese, teachers/staff, courses, activities, events, etc. Web page content is easy to share on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

If you are interested in seeing some examples of SchoolFront Portal in action, check out:

  • The SchoolFrontSM Support Portal
  • The Main SchoolFront Website (You're Here Now!)

All of these pages were created using the SchoolFront CMS! You don't need any programming knowledge to maintain your own page or site.

For more information about website (portal) design and implementation for your school or district, click here.

Website (Public) Portal

A professional-looking branded website encourages community interest in the school and activities. School staff members can use the new SchoolFront Portal, a web content management system (CMS) integrated with SchoolFront's traditional school and student information system, to effectively manage admissions, events, and relationships with students, parents, and alumni.

Intranet (Internal-Only) Portal

Using blogs, web pages, message boards and other social media tools, authenticated school staff members, students, and others can securely share documents, images, videos, and other information, communicate, collaborate, and learn from each other.

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