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Schoolfront has been very responsive in meeting our requests.
~ Barbara McKell,
Technologist, Maplebrook School
I have been a SchoolFront user for three years and enjoy it immensely…Overall, the best thing since sliced bread.
~ Wendy Wurz,
Teacher, RCSD
I cannot think of any other tool that has so empowered parents and students.
~ Carol Sherwood,
Teacher, RCSD
I feel confident using the site because I know the data is backed up daily, so if there ever should be a problem, I won't have lost weeks, or even days, worth of data.
~ Pati Primarano,
Teacher, RCSD
This has been an excellent resource for our students and their families; it is way for parents to connect to what their child is doing in school.
~ Susan Towey,
Teacher, RCSD
Love the program. This program saves a ton of time.
~ Rose Gulley,
Teacher, RCSD
We have many international students and it makes it easy for the parents of those students to keep abreast of how their child is doing while at school.
~ Barbara McKell,
Technologist, Maplebrook School
I love this site. It's a real help. I just wish all teachers felt it was worth their time to help my child a little more.
~ Katherine Richards,
Parent, RCSD
SchoolFront provides the basis for T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More), with a way to have an ongoing communication between teacher / parent / student.
~ Wendy Wurz,
Teacher, RCSD
SchoolFront is great because they design it specifically for your school’s needs so that you can get your work done faster and more efficiently!
~ Mike Reed,
IT Manager, The Howe School
SchoolFront staff have been easy to work with -- they are flexible and patient; and while we are a very small, unique boarding school, we are treated very well by the team at schoolfront.
~ Barbara McKell,
Technologist, The Maplebrook School
If I find a bug, or something that could be reworked to improve service, all I had to do was email SchoolFront and they would take care of it, plus ask for more information. With the death of customer service all over the map, this is a true rarity.
~ Pati Primarano,
Teacher, RCSD

The SchoolFront Employee Management System pulls data from other information systems, readies the aggregated data for human resources (HR) usage, facilitates human resources processes in a paperless manner, and then stores completed HR documentation in digital personnel files. 

*These are examples of information systems with which SchoolFront integrates. Additional systems can be supported. Contact us to discuss your critical information systems.


RecruitFront, the SchoolFront recruiting management and applicant tracking solution, allows recruiting managers to post jobs, share job postings on Social Media sites, facilitate the vetting processes with a committee, communicate with applicants, and maintain all hiring-related materials and artifacts. RecruitFront allows job applicants to search for and apply to jobs, upload application materials, add themselves to a database of applicants for future positions, and to track the status of an open application. RecruitFront provides rich recruiting data reporting capability. 

New Employee Onboarding

The New Employee On-boarding module electronically pulls information from payroll and recruitment systems and uses the aggregated data (e.g. resumes, recommendations, cover letters, transcripts, employee personal information, and job information) to create digital personnel files for new employees. There is no need for HR staff to compile, scan, file, or otherwise manage paper employment documentation.

Salary Adjustment

The Salary Adjustment module electronically pulls information from payroll and professional development systems and uses the aggregated information as well as configured employee contract terms to automatically calculate employee salary changes without the need for spreadsheets and risk of human error. The module facilitates auditing of all calculations and then generates professionally-formatted “Notice of Salary” documentation which can be electronically sent to and electronically signed by employees. Digitally signed notices are automatically stored in employee digital personnel folders.

Professional Development

By electronically facilitating the professional development (PD) course approval, completion verification, and compensation processes without paper, the Professional Development module makes the collection of HR-related PD information easy. It provides a framework of checks and balances to ensure that the PD courses teachers complete align with the school’s/district’s goals and objectives. It generates a paperless record of all PD activities and compensation and produces valuable data which can be analyzed and used to improve PD in the future.

Teacher Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR)

This module facilitates the entire New York State teacher APPR process and electronically produces final APPR scores and compliant documentation which is then stored in employees’ electronic personnel folders. The module aggregates information from the State, student information systems (SIS), professional development systems, etc. so that no one has to combine this data manually. Teacher goals and objectives are set, observation and evidence rubrics are completed, assessment data is imported, and final appraisals are certified completely digitally. HR staff easily track the progress of APPRs for all teachers in the district to ensure timely completion and compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations and reporting requirements. The process culminates in a SchoolFront-generated report formatted to be uploaded to the NYSED repository.

School-Related Personnel Evaluation

Schools employ more than just teachers and principals. The School-Related Personnel Evaluation module manages the professional performance review of non-teaching personnel digitally using rubrics and questionnaires to identify top performers, areas of concern, and guides all staff to even better performance. It generates valuable data which can be analyzed and used to plan professional development opportunities for non-teaching staff.

Employee Attendance

The SchoolFront HR Attendance module combines data from payroll and time-keeping systems to formally document the annual attendance of staff members. This information is used to determine employee eligibility for medical insurance per the Affordable Care Act, to confirm total available vacation and personal days in subsequent years, and to compensate eligible employees with the attendance-related stipends that are stipulated in certain employment contracts.


SchoolFront provisions an innovative and efficient process for the bulk conversion of existing records to electronic format using QR codes. The procedure is highly-secure and integrates smoothly with existing district processes making access to historic records easy while supporting district retention requirements.

Medical Benefits Change Management

Every year all employees participate in open enrollment, making changes and cancellations to their medical benefits as needed. The SchoolFront Open Enrollment module allows employees to make these changes online using digital forms and signatures. Forms are pre-populated with information pulled from employee information systems and key information from past completions to reduce the amount of time it takes employees to complete elections. HR staff can quickly email employees with incomplete forms. Employees can see latest forms without engaging HR or the Business Office. HR staff can digitally track plan migration and reconcile monthly vendor invoices against actual enrollment. The process culminates in an export of election data which can be sent to benefits management vendors and/or insurance providers for enrollment purposes.


The "print-to-SchoolFront" feature allows you to port digital content directly from a source into an employee's personnel folder without the need for printing to paper and scanning. Digital content includes things like emails, webpages, PDF files, Microsoft Office files, screen captures, etc. Without SchoolFront, you may have to print items like these out, then scan them to PDF, and then upload them for digital storage. Minimally you likely are required to download digital items like PDF files and then upload them. With SchoolFront, you can send these items directly to a specific personnel folder in SchoolFront with a specific file name.

Human Resources Communication

Human Resources Offices send out many official documents. This can take up a lot of paper, especially when recipients include a specific employee, plus a copy for the employee's supervisor, union president, and personnel folder. In order to reduce the need for paper and make documents easily accessible in the future long after they're originally sent, SchoolFront provides the ability to send these digital documents via email and then store a digital copy in the employee's electronic personnel file. This functionality is excellent for sending notices of Board of Education actions, but it can be used for any type of notice.

Why Choose SchoolFront for your Human Resources Office?

  • Seamlessly combine information from disparate information systems into one location.
  • Instantly generate, send, and or/store critical HR documentation at the point of need.
  • Reduce the need for paper storage space and the costs related to storing paper files.
  • Reduce postage and handling costs.
  • Reduce risk of HR data loss due to fire/flood.
  • Free HR employees to focus on other tasks.
  • Increase compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations and reduce legal risk.
  • Apply flexible security/access rules to personnel information and documentation.
  • Securely access information digitally from any Internet-connected computer.
  • Reduce the time it takes to complete complicated HR processes by doing them digitally.
  • Reduce human error by automating processes and calculations.
  • Ensure compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations.
  • Make HR Office auditing easier.