Straight Forward Pricing

Our Guarantee: Zero Financial Surprises

All costs are identified and agreed upon prior to the sale of the SchoolFront solution! The SchoolFront team does not charge per feature or capability and you will get access to all existing and future features unless otherwise noted when those features are released.

No surprise extra costs, sprawling modules, or pricey "a la carte" support and training packages.

Initial Setup

Customer requirements vary in complexity, so initial set-up requirements vary from customer to customer. Common setup tasks include:

  • System Configuration
  • Graphic Design
  • Staff Training
  • Migration of existing customer data
  • Creation of customer-specific reports
  • Integration Development

Other Services

Other services offered are scoped, priced, and planned based on customer requirements. 

  • Custom Development
  • System Integration
  • Data Restoration from Backup
  • Scanning / Paper Document Conversion
  • IT Consultation

Annual Licensing

The annual software license is calculated using student enrollment and includes the following:

  • Access to by all Staff, Students and Parents
    (if applicable)
  • Reporting Capability
  • Data Storage and Retention
  • Daily Backups of Data
  • System Support with Guaranteed Up-time
  • User Support using the SchoolFront Support Portal

And that's it! Get Started with SchoolFront today