Interested in Competency-Based Learning & Assessment?

The SchoolFront development team is partnering with some passionate educators to develop digital gradebook configuration and management capabilities for teachers who leverage competency-based learning techniques to support a competency-based education program.

We have discovered that many of the best-known and most widely used school management systems just don't have the flexibility to optimally support schools offering competency-based education (curriculum and assessment). A digital gradebook is supposed to make a teacher's life easier, not increase the time it takes to add assignments to the system, but we've observed teachers undergoing some seriously arduous labor to fit competency-based curriculum into school management systems that just aren't built for it.

SchoolFront wants to do better, and with the help of these creative subject-matter-experts, we plan to offer a truly innovative and helpful new approach to the management of competency-based classrooms. If your school offers a competency-based learning and assessment program or if you are an educator (e.g. a teacher, administrator, professor, researcher, etc.) who is very experienced with competency-based teaching, we would love your input too.

If you are interested in hearing what we're planning and/or you would like to provide your own personal insight, please contact us: Use this form and select "Want to Participate in Feature Development" from the "Request Type" drop-down menu. In the description field, please tell us a little about yourself and why you are interested in helping to design management software for competency-based teaching.

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