Reduce Human Error by Automating Processes and Calculations.

The SchoolFront Employee Management System (EMS) aggregates data from your other information systems and uses it to fully digitize human resources.

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Reduce or Completely Eliminate Paper and the Need for Paper Storage.

The SchoolFront Team scans and parses paper human resources files into highly-searchable, easy-to-use digital personnel files and reduces or eliminates the generation of more paper.

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Find and Hire the Best K-12 School District Job Candidates.

RecruitFront (a module of SchoolFront) is simple to navigate and use, search-engine-optimized, mobile-friendly, device agnostic, accessible and compliant, and integrated.

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Calculate and Send Digital Salary Adjustments to Employees.

Reduce the time and costs associated with calculating, generating, and distributing notifications of salary. Eliminate human error and duplicate data entry.

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Scanning: Convert Your Paper Documents to Digital.

Don't scan just for the sake of scanning--Documents scanned and converted to digital by the SchoolFront Team are accessible, clear, legible, searchable, exportable, and highly secure.

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Manage Employee Benefits Eligibility, Enrollment, and Changes.

Use employee information to instantly determine eligibility and enable employees to paperlessly view, compare, select, and update their benefits choices.

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Easy, Secure Access to Consolidated Human Resources Records

All of your Human Resources (HR) documentation in digital format(s) stored centrally with powerful document search and export capabilities.

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Access to Information is Critical for Managing any Business. School Administration is No Different.

SchoolFront is a highly-secure, customizable web-based school district management platform created and maintained by FrontEdge Inc. A modular, fully-integrated system, SchoolFront is designed to either integrate with or completely replace isolated legacy IT systems and to eliminate the need for manual, paper- and labor-intensive processes.

SchoolFront digitizes, centralizes, and standardizes school district information management. It reduces costs, human error, duplicate data entry, physical storage requirements (i.e. for paper), and the time it takes to complete business processes. SchoolFront reporting and auditing capabilities make it easy for school districts to maintain and demonstrate compliance with Federal, State, and local regulations.

The SchoolFront Team creates paper-free workplaces for our customers that are also optimized and secured, with highly-accessible and very usable digital data.

Employee Management

SchoolFront Employee Management System (EMS) aggregates data from your other information systems and uses it to fully digitize human resources processes.

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Student Management

Reporting combines custom reporting with our standard system reports to provide a powerful reporting platform. Reports are secured like all other content in SchoolFront.

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Custom Development & System Integration

If you have an existing information system which you would like integrated with your School Management System and/or your Portal Content Management System software we can help.

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Why SchoolFront?

In response to financial constraints and challenges, many organizations including educational institutions are pursuing technology vendor rationalization and consolidation:

  • All-In-One Simplicity
  • Cross System Consistency
  • Premium Customer Service
  • Reduced Costs, Straight-Foward Pricing
  • Close Partner Relationships

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