Flexible Grading & Easy to Use Gradebook

Grade Your Way in Less Time than Other Online Gradebooks

SchoolFront school software allows teachers to define a unique grading structure for each of their courses, to add graded coursework to the system, and to log student grades for each graded assignment. Grading structures are defined per course and tell the system how to calculate the students' final grades for each course.

Once grading structure is defined, coursework is entered, and student grades are logged, the system calculates student averages based on the grading structure defined by the teacher.

Standardized or Personalized Grade Schema

Each school or district has a default set of grade ranges, which map letter grades to numbers in the system. These ranges must be configured by school administrators at the beginning of the year.

Administrators can either require that teachers use the default grade ranges when assigning grades to students or they can allow teachers to configure their own grade ranges in the system.

Coursework Management

Teachers can manage both graded and ungraded coursework in SchoolFront school software. Creating coursework in the system allows teachers to track the dates on which coursework is given to students and the dates on which it is due. It allows teachers to simply track the work and remind students of the work (e.g. study for a test), or to associate coursework with Grade Categories so that it can be graded in the system and can be used by the system to calculate and project student averages.

When coursework for a class is added to the system by a teacher, students who are in the class and the parents of those students can login to SchoolFront and see information about the coursework, as well as the grades they receive.

Share Graded & Ungraded Coursework Online

Adding graded coursework, like a test or project or homework, into the system allows teachers to track grades for the course. It also allows parents and students to see what is assigned, what is due when and their completed grade when they login to SchoolFront.

Non-graded coursework including class notes, study reminders, field trip notifications, etc. that teachers want to track and want parents and students to see when they login to SchoolFront, but that don't require grading will be available as well.

  • Example: A teacher can post class notes every day as non-graded coursework in SchoolFront along with relevant attachments (e.g. word documents, pdf's, etc.) so that students can access the information at any time by logging into SchoolFront.

Students Hand-In Assignments by Uploading Files

If a teacher wishes to reduce paper, assignments can be handed in electronically. Students can login to SchoolFront and upload their assignments. Teachers can see who has and has not handed in the assignment and easily view each handed in assignment from the gradebook for super easy grading.

Easy to Use GRADEBOOK & Fast Grade Entry

In the Gradebook, all assignments are color-coded so that teachers can easily tell how they relate to the grade structure they defined for their class. Student averages are calculated (and projected) using the Grade Category definitions (including weighting) that you defined in the system for each of your classes.

The gradebook was designed to mimic the function of a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel™ so that entering grades for a whole class is not only easy, but takes very little time. All calculations made by the system are viewable on the screen in real time to help ensure grades are coming out properly.

If a teacher wishes to manipulate grades in a spreadsheet, it's super easy to export grades to Excel™ and add your own formulas. SchoolFront also provides a "printer-friendly" export to allow a teacher to print his/her gradebook for a course.

Teacher Comments

Teachers can add comments to both student individual assignment grades in the gradebook and to student final grades in a course. Comments provide context to promote student and parent/guardian understanding as to why they received each grade.

A school can provision a standard set of comments for teachers to keep commenting consistent across the school, or allow free text comments.

Report Card Preparation

In order for a school to create report cards all teachers must ready final grades and comments and have them ready by a deadline. SchoolFront allows school administrators to set a deadline for report card readiness and then facilitates an easy process called "Mark Grades." This process allows teachers to review and approve the final grades calculated by the gradebook, add comments to grades where appropriate a "submit" final grades. By submitting final grades a teacher is locking them in and demonstrating that they are ready for report cards.

Override System Calculated Grade

If a school permits it, teachers are allowed to override the grade calculated by the SchoolFront digital gradebook, e.g. if a student technically received a "B" based on the grade-book calculation of the student's performance on assignment, but the student displayed such excellent effort that the teacher bumps the grade to a "B+" instead. Final grade override is optional.

Don't keep using a report card that doesn't work for you.
Work with SchoolFront to design one that works for your school!

Running Report Cards in SchoolFront

Like transcripts and other reports in SchoolFront, report cards are easy to run for one or more students at a time and can be exported to a printable or digital format.