Connecting Schools to Supporters

Streamlining Fundraising Efforts

Fundraising and development activities are a fantastic means for schools to obtain the money and other resources needed to operate optimally and maintain a high quality of education delivery.

Get the most out of fundraising activities and reduce the effort it takes to oversee development efforts in your school or district!

SchoolFront Fundraising & Development Management

The SchoolFront fundraising management solution:

  • Stores donor information and is integrated with the rest of the SchoolFront system so that prospective, enrolled, and graduated student and family information can be used for fundraising and development without duplicate data entry.

  • Tracks pledges and donations so that money and other gifts are collected and used in the manner desired by donors.

  • Logs donor communication and responses so that follow-up is easy and non-responders are captured.

  • Allows school development personnel to monitor and analyze the success of fundraising activities and campaigns to determine what’s effective.

  • Includes rich reporting capability.