Managing Discipline, Merit, & Conduct

Reinforcing School Values & Good Student Conduct

SchoolFront discipline management software provides a means for staff users to manage and track disciplinary interactions with students and to view individual student's discipline records in the software system. It makes management of disciplinary measures a collaborative endeavor, allowing school staff members to view and process incidents in a single, central, and up-to-date directory.

Customized Discipline, Merit, Consequence & Reward Definition

To encourage consistency and support reporting on discipline in the school, SchoolFront discipline software allows customers to define infractions and corresponding consequences as well as meritorious actions and corresponding rewards. For example, a school may include "disruptive behavior" as an infraction with "20 minutes after school detention" or "5 demerits" as an option for disciplinary action. Alternatively, they may define "Lab Cleaning" as a meritorious activity with "1-week Hall Pass" as an option for merit action.

Real-time Access to Disciplinary Information

There is no delay between the time when a teacher enters a grade, a student's attendance status, or a disciplinary citation and other school staff members can see the information in the Family Portal portion of the software.

Additionally, if the school has configured the software system to share the information, parents can see the information instantly and stay involved in supporting the school's efforts to manage student conduct. Parental access to student information in SchoolFront software is optional.

Conduct Scoring / Grading

Some schools employ the concept of "merits" and "demerits," points which when aggregated earn students either punishment or reward. SchoolFront allows for the tracking of merit and demerit points and report cards or custom reports can be created to calculate conduct grades.

Conduct Reporting

Because standard categories are used to track merit and demerit in SchoolFront, reporting on conduct is easy. Reports key off of types of infractions and meritorious activities, consequences, rewards, date ranges, ages, demographics, and even individual students.

A student's conduct history is easy to peruse directly from the student's 360 degree profile so any teacher can easily recognize patterns and determine which interventions are effective in the school.