SchoolFront Canada Cloud

Cross-Border Delineation Helps to Ease Privacy Concerns

As a response to privacy concerns voiced by customers, FrontEdge Inc. uses separate hosting instances (clouds)--including backup--for customers in the United States (USA) and in Canada. International customers outside of the United States and Canada can choose which cloud to leverage.

Our Canadian customers access all of SchoolFront's powerful school management, reporting and data analysis, and school website management capabilities safely on Canadian soil.

Cross-border delineation means Canadian customers have a trusted partner to optimize operations and keep communication flowing, while housing and maintaining their data securely in Canada.

Secure School Management Online "in the Canadian Cloud"

The "cloud" is a symbol used to represent the Internet on network diagrams. This type of software access is also referred to as "hosted" because software in the cloud is maintained, or "hosted," by a service provider and is accessed by users who pay to use the software. "Cloud computing" is a term used to describe the use of software on the Internet to do tasks that traditionally would have been done on a personal computer or by accessing a server managed by a school or district.

We Host, Canadian Schools Login and Work Online

The SchoolFront school management system is a hosted or "cloud" solution, which means it is maintained by FrontEdge Inc. and is accessed by Canadian users via the Internet. FrontEdge Inc. hosts an instance of SchoolFront for Canadian customers that is 100% housed in Canada. This delivery model constitutes a compelling alternative to in-house software solutions, which require Canadian schools and districts to maintain not only the software, but the hardware infrastructure on which the software operates.