K-12 Student Admissions Software

K-12 Admissions Software: Process Facilitation & Progress Tracking

SchoolFront admissions software enables school admissions personnel to:

  • Define the school’s unique admissions process and requirements/artifacts.

  • Track a prospective student’s progress through the admissions process.

  • Maintain digital copies of admissions artifacts (e.g. student application, medical records, test scores, recommendations, etc.)

  • Convert prospective students to enrolled students and transfer admissions information into enrolled student information without duplicate data entry.

Online Submission & Tracking of Admissions Info 

SchoolFront admissions software, when integrated with SchoolFront Portal, allows prospective families to submit admissions artifacts and information digitally online. The prospective families can also track their own progress through the admissions process freeing admissions personnel to focus on prospect evaluation, testing, marketing efforts, interviews, tours, and other critical parts of the admissions office charter.

K-12 Admissions Software Features

SchoolFront's K-12 admissions software includes the following features and functionality:

  • Admissions Software Support for Multiple Custom Admissions Process Definitions

  • Admissions Software Integration with School Management Software & Student Information System Software

  • Admissions Software Support for Re-Enrollment & Registration 

  • Collaborative Admissions Software Online Interface for Applying Student Families Available 24/7

  • Easy Stat using for Both School Admissions Staff & for Applying Student Families

  • Easy-to-Manage, Easy-to-Fill-Out, & Easy-to-Submit Custom Forms Online with Spam Filtering

  • Use Admissions Software to Generate Mail-Merged PDF Documents & Send Mail-Merged Email Communications Using Custom Templates

  • Easily Convert Students from "Applying" Status in Admissions Software to "Enrolled" Status in School Management System Software Upon Acceptance

  • Centrally Stored Applicant Data in SchoolFront Admissions Software Makes Admissions Committee Review Easy& Decision